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One of the largest premier dealers of Bellfires in the United Kingdom covering London and the home counties. You’ll find everything you need at our Berkshire based 4,000 Sq. ft showroom where you can; get quality advice, view 50+ live displays, discuss ideas, discuss plans and get inspired! Our in-house survey and design team will draft a quotation for the most efficient and effective solution for your appliance after a visit to your location. Our friendly installation engineers are all Gas Safe Registered. We deal with domestic and commercial clientele.


What we specialise in

These are the main areas of focus for our company.  We have a team of engineers ready to assist you with your installation so that it is implemented the correct way. We have a team of designers & surveyors who can make sure this process runs as smoothly as possible. Form and function are a big focus point for us.

Supply & Installation

We supply & stock all Bellfires gas fireplaces in the UK. We have live displays in our showroom. We have a team of Gas Safe Registered engineers to install your appliance effectively and efficiently.

Project Management

We offer a dedicated project manager that will help you through the design process from planning to installation. Offering bespoke advice & knowledge specifically for your project.

Surveying & Design

We have an in-house design team offering design and technical advice. We also offer free survey callouts which will come  with a free quotation for your required project.


The Bellfires Collection

The best quality gas fireplaces on the market manufactured by Bellfires. We have assorted them into their specified ranges to make it easier to understand their product portfolio.

Derby Range

The proportions of the Original Bell 3 range make them particularly suitable to be installed inside any model from our Limestone surround collection.

Topsham Range

The proportions of the Original Bell 3 range make them particularly suitable to be installed inside any model from our Limestone surround collection.

Unica Range

The proportions of the Original Bell 3 range make them particularly suitable to be installed inside any model from our Limestone surround collection.

York Range

The proportions of the Original Bell 3 range make them particularly suitable to be installed inside any model from our Limestone surround collection.

Classic Bell Range

The proportions of the Original Bell 3 range make them particularly suitable to be installed inside any model from our Limestone surround collection.

Corner Bell Range

The Corner Bell 3 range has been developed to enhance a corner location or where the fire would primarily be viewed from the front and just one side.

Horizon Bell Range

The Horizon Bell 3 range all create a low, horizontal, sleek look and the wider models are particularly suitable to marry with the ever increasing proportions of modern T.V.’s.

Smart Bell Range

The Smart Bell 3 range has new models that have the MagniFire burner system fitted as standard.

Vertical Bell Range

The Vertical Bell 3 range has been developed to achieve a modern and minimalistic look.

View Bell Range

The View Bell 3 range has been developed to achieve a perfect view of the flames from every angle. It is available in the following models.

Room Divider Range

The Room Divider 3 range has been developed to achieve a perfect view of the flame from every angle. As its name implies it is ideal for creating dedicated zones in the same room.

BOX Gas Range

BOX gas has a new burner with logs that are indistinguishable from the real thing: the MagniFire.

Where do we cover?

London & the home counties

We cover London and the home counties, based in the heart of the beautiful countryside in Silchester near Reading, Berkshire. We have also taken on contracts and given quotations for commercial clients outside of our area depending on the job.

Completed Projects

Years Installing

Completed Projects

Who do we cater for?

Industry Sectors

We work with and alongside everyone from developers to domestic renovations. We offer construction design advice and knowledge to get the best outcome for your project. We have the capability to cater for your project however big or small it may be.


We offer a full design and project Co-Ordination service. A friendly, personal, warm welcoming service. We build a strong, long lasting relationship with our customers.


We work extensively with designers, builders, architects, developers and local authorities offering a complete full design and project Co-Ordination service. For Hotels, Bars and Pubs…


We have been installing in London for many years. We work with Landmark hotels and large well-established brands. We’re experienced in working alongside architects and developers.

Respectable companies

Our Partners

The following are some of the companies that we have previously worked closely with. These could be architects, designers, builders, developers or from the retail and hospitality sector. We strive to guarantee the best experience for every company that we deal with or alongside.

Coppa Club

The Marylebone Hotel

The Bloomsbury Hotel

The Swan At Streatley

Engerfield Estate

McLaren Excell

Gilbert Homes

TN Development Ltd

Wellington Estates

Blue Tongue Construction

Bewley Homes

WG Carter Limited

Selina Interiors

Allied Design Associates

Zara Christie

Andrews & Dickens Ltd

Orientrose Contracts Ltd

Kingerlee Ltd

Stuart Barr

Kingsmen Ltd

Martin Brudnizki Design

Tailormade Solutions Ltd

Willow & Grey Interiors

Whitman Building Services

Fettle Interior Design

Quadrant Design Ltd

Samantha Johnson

Spratleys and Partners

Michaelis Boyd Associates


Our Recent Installations

Grab some inspiration or ideas for your next project. We take great pride in our installations and wanted to showcase them. Our engineers, designers & surveyors work tirelessley to get your project finished to a high spec level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my remote not working?

Please remove the batteries and replace them with new ones and turn the remote on and off. If that does not work please contact our support.

What does a fireplace add to my interior?

The finishing touch. Just that extra dash of romance. Creates ambience in any interior design. A glorious source of heat. The reasons are diverse, but the fact is that a fireplace or a stove is an asset in any room.

You obviously want a fireplace that matches your interior. A modern fireplace for your sleekly designed living room or a somewhat classic model for your cosy kitchen. Or perhaps your main consideration are the functional factors: a fireplace that’s built easily into your open fireplace or a wood-burning stove for your garden house because it lacks central heating.

Be inspired

When searching for your perfect fireplace, you can certainly use some assistance. That is why we are pleased to help you. We do that mainly by offering you lots of inspiration. You can browse through our inspiration pages, you can take a look in our social media channels, get more information in the FAQ pages, download the brochure or visit the showroom or the nearest dealer. In short: we are here for you in more than one way. And if you still can’t decide, then feel free to call us.

An asset for your interior

From a classic stove to a modern fireplace: Barbas Bellfires always has a solution that meets your taste, style and wishes. Our fireplaces are truly an asset for every interior.

What are the advantages of a gas fireplace?

Convenience is the key. That totally applies to a gas fireplace. One push of the button and your fireplace is lit and with the same push of the button it goes out. Ideal if in between you have to go to the supermarket or if you come home late and you still want to enjoy dining near a cosy fireplace. Many gas fireplaces, also ours, can be operated using a mobile app. Very simple from your telephone or tablet. The biggest advantage of a gas fireplace is no doubt the ease of use. You don’t have to stoke a fire and the fireplace burns for as long and as intensive as you wish. And it is also extremely safe, because you never come in contact with the fire.

Cleaning the windows

The maintenance of a gas stove is relatively easy. Every year, have a certified expert carry out a comprehensive maintenance round. Then your only chore is to clean the windows occasionally.

Never short of fuel

Another advantage: the gas fireplace is connected to the gas-pipe system, so you’re always supplied with fuel. You don’t have to hassle with wood, as for a wood-burning stove, and you have no mess in front of your stove.

High yield

The modern fireplaces have high yield. That means practically no loss of heat. The heat produced by the stove is used for heating the room and is not lost to the outside through the chimney.

Different types of fire

The latest fireplaces have a realistic flame image that’s hardly distinguishable from a real wood fire. Moreover, with a gas fireplace you decide what kind of fire image you want. Interested in finding out which options are available with our gas fireplaces? We’ll be glad to tell you.

Are there also disadvantages?

The advantages are what it is all about. But we are honest and we want to mention a few disadvantages as well. First of all, you must have a gas pipe in your house. More and more new homes do not have a gas connection (and installing the gas piping is not cheap). In addition, a flue is necessary. That doesn’t necessarily need to be a chimney, because with a gas stove you can also construct a lead-through yourself through the roof or the outer façade. We can imagine that you will want to know more about this. Therefore, read our article about flues and the many possibilities.

My house does not have a chimney. Can I still install a fireplace?

Every fireplace produces flue gases, which have to be discharged using a flue tube. If you don’t have a chimney or a flue in your home – and you still want to purchase a fireplace or stove – then a gas fireplace is the easiest. A wood-burning stove actually requires a vertical flue, i.e. a chimney that goes straight up. That is necessary for drawing in oxygen, which keeps the wood burning. Furthermore, the wood smoke must always be emitted above the apex of the house. This is a legal regulation.

Additional options with gas

With a closed gas stove you have more possibilities. Here the flue can also be positioned horizontally so that the smoke is discharged to outside via a façade of the house. Therefore, you can install a gas stove almost anywhere. The flue must not terminate under ventilation openings or in corners, because there has to be sufficient space for supplying oxygen and for discharging the flue gas. Read more about this topic here.

Do you have doubts about the possibilities in your residence? You don’t have a chimney but you definitely want a wood-burning fireplace? Then bring in an expert. Our dealers always provide tailored advice.

Should I choose an open or closed gas fireplace?

A gas fireplace needs oxygen. Without oxygen it cannot burn. But it differs where this oxygen comes from. You can opt for an open or closed system.

Closed combustion system

Stoves with a closed combustion system get the oxygen via an external pipe (supply duct). Therefore from the outside. The flue gases are subsequently exuded via the internal pipe (discharge duct). One of the advantages of this combustion system is that you don’t need a chimney. In addition, this is an ideal solution for houses that are ventilated mechanically, because no air is extracted from the house.

Open combustion system

Gas fireplaces with an open combustions system take the oxygen from the room in which the appliance is installed. Therefore, they have an open connection with your room. The flue gases are exuded to the outside via a separate flue duct. The Unica-2 series of Bellfires has an open combustion system. By the way, an open system does not mean that there is no glass plate at the front side of the stove. The combustion chamber is actually totally closed off. The term ‘open’ is only related to the way the air reaches the fire. What is the biggest advantage of our fireplaces with an open combustion system? The diameter of the flue tube is only 10 centimetres. That’s why the appliance can be placed in nearly every open fireplace without any significant reconstruction work.

What is the consumption of a gas fireplace?

It is difficult to indicate the average consumption and related costs. Perhaps you use the stove daily while your neighbour lights it once per month. Thus, the consumption and costs of a gas fireplace depend entirely on the situation.

Example of consumption per hour

Obviously, we can help you with some examples. For an average-sized living room in a well-insulated house, an appliance with output of 3 to 4 kW is sufficient. At full output, such a fireplace consumes around 0.5 cubic metres of gas per hour. The heated space reaches a good temperature rather fast and the fire intensity can be reduced. Your central heating system has less work to do; that way your gas fireplace compensates for the gas consumption. Modern gas fireplaces have an energy label, just like nearly all appliances. At a glance you can see what is the output and the yield of the stove or fireplace. Make sure that the stove you select does not have too little or too much yield. Elsewhere on our website, you can read how to calculate this.

Price of gas

How much does it cost to use a gas fireplace? The price of a cubic metre of gas is €0.63 (price level 2018). If you burn a 3 kW fireplace for four hours at full output, it will cost you only €1.26. Ultimately, the price drops even lower, because you don’t need to turn on your central heating. That translates to a nice saving.

What distinguishes Bellfires from other manufacturers?
Dutch-manufactured fireplaces

Barbas Bellfires is a combination of two brands: Barbas and Bellfires. Brands with established reputations, which have merged into one company in 2003. Our fireplaces and stoves are technically very reliable. Everything in Barbas Bellfires is 100% Dutch. Manufactured in-house in our factory in Bladel.

Passion for craftsmanship

We produce modern and innovative gas and wood fireplaces that are meaningful for you and for your interior. We have been doing this since 1928 and our passion for craftsmanship has never changed. Our love for fireplaces and stoves has remained constant. That’s why we work diligently on the quality of our fireplaces and make sure that they are safe and operate without any problems. And the way you experience the fire is perfect and always improves.

Furthermore, we are proud of our after-service and the professional help in maintaining your fireplace. Sustainability is not only about the work and the product, but also about our relationship with our customers. And that’s you.

Every fireplace is custom-made

We manufacture your fireplace completely tailor-made. We will build it exactly the way you want it. With a sense for style: timeless or modern. We have no fireplaces in stock and – perhaps this sounds contradictory – that is precisely the reason that we can maintain short delivery times. When we implement an improvement in our product(s), we don’t need to first use up our old stock (or to throw away good material); we offer the new solution immediately. You can choose from a wide selection of basic models that enable us to create countless combinations. We can adapt every model in terms of shape or size, of course within the approved boundaries. So no matter how large, small, high or unique is the space in your home or office, a Barbas-Bellfires fireplace always fits in.


Bellfires is ease, ambience and comfort. Established in 1928; already for years the absolute market leader in gas fireplaces. The gas fireplaces are completely developed in-house and are tailor-made from A to Z to the wishes of our customers. Moreover, our focus is on design and safety. Safety is safeguarded comprehensively in the development process. The many finishing options result in the distinctive Bellfires design: stylish and in line with your lifestyle to the finest details. Our gas fireplaces create the ambience of an open fireplace, but with the ease of a gas fireplace: the fireplace is very easy to operate using a remote control. Moreover, the fire image of our gas fireplaces is so stunning that it’ is hardly distinguishable from a real wood fire. That is not only our opinion, but feedback that we get from consumers who already installed our fireplaces. They boast about the fire image because of the colour and the serenity in the play of flames. And we are proud of this.

How are Bellfires produced?

At Bellfires, they produce everything under one roof in Bladel, a stone’s throw from Eindhoven. A fireplace is not just an anonymous piece of steel, but an individual interior design product. They create it with love so you will also love it. Each fireplace is tailor-made: from 120 basic models in more than 17,000 combinations, they build the fireplace that you want and which best fits into your interior design and reflects your taste. The fireplace then passes through the entire factory, bearing your name, and is meticulously checked at every step of the way. This is no production line work; most of it is done by hand. Therefore, ever fireplace is a personal masterpiece of the technician. And this is the passion that you can feel!

The process – from order to installation
Preliminary work

Your order – which they receive from the dealer – is recorded in a work order with a barcode connected to your name. Such an order contains all the parts necessary for the fireplace. During the preliminary work, all the necessary parts are set (bent) and welded to each other. Good preliminary work is vital for the quality and lifespan of your fireplace or stove.

Paint shop

The fireplace parts are hung on a transport system on their way to the paint shop. First they pass through the launderette where they get degreased and washed. The conveyer system continues and brings the parts to the spray booth. Spraying is done by hand. Even the most difficult to reach corners are not overlooked. From there the parts are transported to the oven where the varnish is baked. The baking process prevents the fireplace/stove from spreading unpleasant odours the first time that it is stoked. It also makes the fireplace/stove less susceptible to damage. After 45 minutes, the varnish hardens and the parts are ready for assembling.


Assembling your fireplace or stove is also done entirely by hand. Regardless of the model and its dimensions, our technicians connect the parts to create a perfectly fitting total appliance. After that, the sealing cords around the window are applied and the interior is installed. After assembly, the fireplace/stove is ready for transport. Within 24 hours your new asset is delivered to the dealer, who will install it in your home as soon as possible.

How sustainable are Bellfires

You attach importance to sustainability. Also when you purchase a stove or fireplace. You want a product produced in an environment-friendly manner, which is used sustainably and lasts long. Sustainable in three ways.

We get queried more and more often about the origin of our products and about our work methods. We welcome this critical attitude towards sustainable development and manufacture with great enthusiasm. You can rest assured: we deal very consciously with the entire production chain.

No waste

Lean work – or prevention of waste – is anchored in our production process. We work according to the Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) method. This means that we start working on a fireplace only after receiving the order. We have no fireplaces in stock. The entire process from the preliminary work to assembly runs very efficiently and takes only six hours. That way we avoid waste in time, energy and materials.

Minimum impact to the environment

Everything in Bladel is under one roof, both office and production. Our employees live in this region and we try to reduce unnecessary transport kilometres, on all fronts. You might think that producing in our country is more expensive than in low-wage countries, for example, but we have always succeeded in delivery top quality at competitive prices. Our environment-friendly paint shop is also a splendid example of production with minimum burden on the environment.

How do I maintain my Bellfire gas fire

Every gas fireplace requires highly professional techniques. If you want to continue enjoying your fireplace for a long time, then good maintenance is essential. This is also important in other respects: the fireplace after all is connected to a gas pipe.

Annual maintenance

The average fireplace needs maintenance once per year. A service technician checks the entire fireplace. Everything is cleaned, where necessary screws, bolts and couplings are tightened well and the condition of the materials is checked. Is there a component that needs to be replaced? The technician will see to it.

Make a start

You also have a role in the long-term maintenance of your fireplace. Here are four tips from our service technician Rob Broekmans.

1. Clean the windows

“It is wise to clean the panes/windows of the fireplace several times per year. Both on the inside and the outside. Check the user manual of your fireplace for the recommended products. It is very important that you don’t leave any residues from the cleaning agent on the window, because these can burn into the glass once your relight the fireplace. Therefore, my advice is to go over the glass once again with a moist cloth.”

2. Change the batteries

“Another chore that you can easily do yourself: annually replacing the batteries of the remote control and the reception box. This should be four AA batteries (not the rechargeable ones). During the annual maintenance by Barbas Bellfires, the batteries are standard replaced by the maintenance technician. Batteries can leak if they are used too long. The leaking battering fluids can harm the electronics.” Rob does advise to handle the reception box delicately when changing batteries. “There are wires attached to it, which you must not detach.” In this video, Rob shows you how to do it.

3. Keeping the aeration grid free

“Some fireplaces have an aeration duct, usually attached to the chimney breast. Unfortunately, I sometimes come across homes where a cupboard, for example, stands in front of it. Do not do this! The grid is not there for nothing; it is important for the heat to escape.”

4. Keep the service hatch accessible

“Another problem that we sometimes encounter: built-in cupboards that obstruct the service hatch. Sometimes there is no way for us to reach it. So that means we cannot provide an optimal maintenance service.” Rob advises to always keep the service hatch/control block free and easy to access.

How do I keep the glass of my gas fireplace clean?

A white film might develop on the windows of your gas fireplace. This is caused by condensation or a burnt-in effect if the windows are not cleaned routinely. A cubic metre of gas contains more than one litre of water and as the stove heats up, it forms condensation. Therefore, always heat up the stove slowly. And if the glass is dirty, it’s time to take action. After all, you want to have the best possible view of the fire.

Cleaning agents

Sometimes it is helpful to stoke the fire well, so that the soot particles are burnt off. The user manual of your fireplace will tell you the best way to clean the windows of your fireplace and which cleaning agents to use. We advise you to follow the manual meticulously, because every fireplace is different. Some windows can be removed, some can be tipped to one side. Some fireplaces have non-reflecting glass; others have a normal glass window.


A well-known cleaning agent for house, garden and kitchen, such as Glassex, can always be used. Take a dry cloth and carefully wipe the window back and forth. Do that until the dirt on the window is gone. It is very important that you don’t leave any residues from the cleaning agent on the window, because these can burn into the glass once you relight the fireplace. Therefore, go over the glass once again with a moist cloth.

Tips from grandmother’s time

We’ve also managed to dig up from the archives a number of tips from grandmother’s time.

  1. Dip a paper towel or an old cloth in tea. Wipe the windows until they are clean.
  2. After cleaning, wipe the window with a newspaper. Now they will stay clean longer.
What materials are used for a gas fireplace?
The external side

The external side of a gas fireplace is made from thick-walled metal sheeting. In the factory, a heat-resistant varnish layer is applied to the metal. To achieve this, we use a spray booth, which we have developed ourselves, where the varnish is applied and hardens under controlled conditions.

The combustion chamber

Every Bellfires fireplace has a combustion chamber made from thick-walled, heat-resistant steel. It looks beautiful, but it is especially suitable due to its long lifespan. For the gas burners we use only the best materials: durable stainless steel. In addition, the combustion chamber consists of ceramic materials with perfect insulation features.

Convection casing

A convection casing can be installed in nearly every type of Bellfires gas fire. The cold air is sucked into the space between the inner and outer casing of the fireplace. Above the convection casing, the heated air is subsequently spread very evenly throughout the room. This also allows you to direct the heat to a particular area. That makes you feel more comfortable. The convection casing is concealed in the chimney breast and therefore indiscernible.

The design grid

Next is the design grid for the fireplace. You can choose a grid that nearly disappears in the housing or rather a model that catches the eye. Obviously, we have also thought a lot about the technology, not just the looks. Because ventilation is very vital in stoves, we have developed a grid that is suitable for both chimney breast ventilation and convection air. These grids spread the heat and ensure good ventilation of the chimney breast.

A complete grid consists of two parts. The aeration tray is built in when the fireplace is installed. Afterwards the insert – that’s what we call the grid that comes in front of it – is easy to place. The grids are available in two sizes (160 and 320 mm wide) and in three colours (white, graphite black and grey).

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We provide lifetime support on your Bellfires appliance if it was bought through us. We can help with spare parts, maintenance, advice and more. 

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